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MEDLIFE Insurance Ltd. is an insurance company registered in Cyprus, which offers life and accident insurance (according to the type of life insurance) and that was founded in 1994 by GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG (GRAWE) and other international investors. The company’s capital stock amounts to EUR 15.133.500 which was fully paid in.

The shares of Medlife are held to 100% within GRAWE Group. GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG was established in 1828 and is one of the largest insurance companies in Austria, looking back on a long tradition of insurance business. Thirteen Central and East European insurance subsidiaries are responsible for the company's international orientation (cf. .

MEDLIFE is subject to supervision by the insurance supervisory authorities of Cyprus and is obliged to submit annual reports to them concerning their business activity. Moreover, the solvency of MEDLIFE is also being regularly checked by the supervisory authorities according to the standards of the European Union.

As an insurance company MEDLIFE is subject to the laws of Cyprus which, for historical reasons, are similar to British law.
Contracts concluded between MEDLIFE and its clients are subject to Austrian law which extensively protects the rights of MEDLIFE’s clients - last but not least due to the very strict rules and regulations of the Insurance Contract Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

MEDLIFE is required by Cyprus Companies Law to be the subject of an annual statutory audit. DELOITTE Limited, Cyprus, Certified Public Accountants and Independent Auditor, ( is the Company’s  appointed auditor and performs this audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing on financial statements prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards, as adopted by the European Union, and the requirements of the Cyprus Companies Law.

MEDLIFE INSURANCE Ltd. has a reinsurance treaty with GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG as well as with GRAWE Reinsurance Ltd. covering all risk policies.
The company has also an excess of loss per occurrence reinsurance treaty with GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG which covers general accident insurance as well as accident insurance riders in life insurance policies.
GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG has in turn treaties with huge international reinsurance groups, called MUNICH RE and SWISS RE.

The capital investment of Medlife is carried out together with competent portfolio managers of GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG AG.
Medlife’s investment strategy focuses on security as well as long-term success and profit, in compliance with the legal provisions and considers the overall risk situation of the company.
In compliance with the investment strategy as well as the internally defined limits, attention is paid to a broad distribution of the portfolio, within the regulatory possibilities.