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Family Insurance Plan (FIP)
This package basically equals the EIP programme, but provides on top of that protection for your child with the term insurance rate R1C.

FIP is the ideal package for those who seek comprehensive insurance coverage for themselves and their child, combined with an opportunity to invest capital in a profitable way!


G5S - Endowment Insurance with graduated death benefits and surplus participation (bonus)

The sum to be paid on survival together with the accumulated bonus becomes payable at the expiry of the contract, while the insured person is alive. This insurance payment can be transferred to a bank account or you may choose to receive your accumulated capital as a pension under the PENSION BENEFIT (PS0) from Medlife. If the insured person dies before the term of the contract expires, the death benefit to be paid will amount to as many fractions of the capital sum as years of insurance have expired (including the one in which the event occurred) in relation to the agreed-upon premium payment period.

UTZ - Additional accidental death insurance

The amount insured becomes payable, if the policyholder dies as a result of an accident within the agreed-upon coverage period.

UI30 - Additional accidental disability insurance

The amount insured becomes payable, if to the policyholder as the result of an accident a minimum of 30 % permanent disability occurs. The grade of disability will be determined according to the disability percentage table shown in the General Insurance Conditions.

RZ1 - Additional risk insurance

The amount insured becomes payable, if the policyholder dies within the agreed-upon coverage period. 

  • If the annual premium is less than USD / EUR 500, rate RZ1 cannot be included.
  • If the annual premium is USD / EUR 500 or more, RZ1 is worth USD / EUR 2.000.
  • If the annual premium is USD / EUR 800 or more, RZ1 is worth USD / EUR 3.000.

R1C - Additonal risk insurance for your child

If the second person insured (child) dies within the agreed-upon insurance period the insured sum will be paid. The insured sum equals the sum insured under RZ1. In this case, the contract will remain upright without the additional rate R1C.





Person insured

Man/Woman, 30 years old, child 3 years old


Term of contract

15 years


Annual premium

USD      1.000 / EUR   1.000


Sum insured G5S

USD     13.696 / EUR 13.246



USD       3.000 / EUR   3.000



USD     13.696 / EUR 13.246



USD     13.696 / EUR 13.246


R1C (child)

USD       3.000 / EUR   3.000



Case 1:
The insured person dies as the result of an accident, beneficiary is his wife. 10 years of the contract have passed.

G5S incl. bonus*):

USD  9.414 / EUR 9.255


USD   3.000 / EUR    3.000


USD  13.696 / EUR 13.246

 Sum payable:

USD  26.110 / EUR 25.501

 If the insured person dies after 10 years of insurance as the result of an accident, the sum payable to the beneficiary amounts to about USD  26.110 / EUR 25.501.

Please note: If the first insured person dies, the whole contract including all additional rates will be terminated.

Case 2:

The insured child dies (R1C) - What is the amount of benefit the policy holder gets paid out in this case?

If the child insured at R1C dies, the insurer pays out to the policyholder a sum of about USD / EUR 3.000. The main insurance contract continues.

*) Figures referring to future profit shares are the result of calculations made on the basis of present circumstances. The actual amount of the profit sharing bonus will depend on the developments of the capital markets, the actual investment income and the future cost trend and risk experience. Therefore such information is not binding. 

V: 1.1.2024