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Single Premium Insurance (E11)
We recommend this product to those who seek insurance coverage and a way to make a profitable single premium investment.

The amount insured plus bonus become payable at expiry of the contract. If the person insured dies before the end of contract, the premium paid, plus any profits that have accumulated so far, will be paid out to the beneficiary.


Person insured

man/woman 40


Term of contract

15 years


Single premium

USD 10.000 / EUR 10.000


Sum insured (E11)

USD 11.599 / EUR 10.821



The contract expires after 15 years, the person insured is alive at this date.



USD 11.599 / EUR 10.821


+ bonus*)

USD   1.354 / EUR  2.192


Sum payable:

 USD 12.953 / EUR 13.013


The benefit payment amounts to about USD 12.953 / EUR 13.013.

*) Figures referring to future profit shares are the result of calculations made on the basis of present circumstances. The actual amount of the profit sharing bonus will depend on the developments of the capital markets, the actual investment income and the future cost trend and risk experience. Therefore such information is not binding. 

V: 1.1.2021