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The unit-linked provision for the future €UR VIP combines the advantages of a conventional life insurance with the higher return chance of a mutual fund.

The annual premiums, your investment in the future, will be allocated to a high-yielding international mixed fund in euro deposit.

The difference in returns

The unit-linked provision for the future Euro VIP combines the advantages of a conventional life insurance with the higher return chance of a mutual fund. The annual premiums, your investment in the future, will be allocated to a high-yielding international mixed fund in euro deposit.  This enables your capital to work more efficiently and yield more. The higher the return on your well invested premiums, the more upbeat is your outlook for the future!

What is the meaning of ‚unit-linked’?

A unit-linked provision for the future guarantees that your capital will be allocated to a mixed fund, which proves to have the highest return chance. You will thus participate in profits on successful and safe international euro-bonds and stocks.

Advantages of mixed  funds

Instead of investing in a single one kind of securities, a mixedfund pools various investment instruments. The portfolio mix will be carefully selected by experienced investment experts and effectively managed by professional fund managers. These specialists are therefore entrusted to manage your capital ever-profitably.   Neither ongoing currency fluctuations, nor contingencies of the financial markets will disturb your peace of mind.

Participating in profits with EURO VIP:

The cumulative part of the premium is invested in the “ Value Invested Fonds (VALIF)”, which is managed by the Austrian investment company Security Kapitalanlage Aktiengesellschaft, belonging to the Grawe Group.

The principal investment objective of this balanced fund, in which EURO VIP invests, is stable capital growth and long-term returns.
***** = Standard & Poor’s Micropal Star Ranking

Advantages of EURO VIP

Provision for everyone
An Euro VIP policy can be obtained by any person in good health and aged between 18 and 65 and a maximum age at the end of 75 years.

Provision for the Future
Euro VIP, basically, is your personal provision for years to come. Let it be for costly acquisitions or for your own retirement income. Moreover, EURO VIP provides financial protection for your loved ones.

Insurance coverage
When the contract expires the amount of the whole fund (all available assets) is paid to the policy holder. This amounts to the unit price at the end of contract multiplied by the number of units in the portfolio.
In case of decease of the insured person during the policy’s term there is a minimum guaranteed sum which will be paid.
This “sum insured in case of death” is 5% of the total premium sum (=annual premium multiplied with term)  agreed upon at the beginning of contract. That is the “Minimum death benefit” as printed on the policy. That is the amount the beneficiary will get in any cased independently from the current value of the fund. Based on the value of the fund at that time there are two scenarios:
In case the value of the fund is below the sum insured  the entire sum insured in case of death will be paid.
In all other cases, which is when the fund’s value exceeds the sum insured all available assets PLUS 10 % of the sum insured in case of death are paid.

Policy period
The minimal policy period is 10 years, the maximum one is 20 years. 

Flexible choice of the premium amount
The minimal annual premium amounts to EUR 1.500 and a maximum of EUR 10.000 for each person insured.

Premium payment
The premiums are annually payable. In case of annual premium payment the client can decide whether he pays the first premium only or immediately two annual premiums (or additional amounts following the regulations of Pay Account). In case of payment of two annual premiums right at the beginning, the two annual premiums will be debited and also the corresponding fund units will be bought. Thus, you ensure a better chance of higher returns from the very beginning.

Greater diversification through mixed funds
By investing your cash value in VALUE INVESTMENT FONDS, you obtain stocks in the selected financial institutions and enterprises and also benefit from higher return potential. Greater diversification of investment leads to reduced risk and reinforces the principle of fund.

Professional asset management
The EURO VIP is backed by professional asset management: The fund managers of the VALUE INVESTMENT FONDS are professionals responsible for an optimal fund asset mix as well as its management according to a specific fund strategy.

Example - Unit Linked Life Insurance - rate EUR-VIP

Man/Woman, aged 30 years - annual premium EUR 3.000,00 - term 15 years, amount insured, EUR 45.000,00, death benefit sum EUR 2.250,00


Years past

Surrender value* in EUR with
a supposed performance** of

Mortality charge
per year in EUR






2 years





5 years





8 years





10 years





12** years





15** years








 *) Figures referring to future profit shares are the result of calculations made on the basis of present circumstances. The actual amount of the profit sharing bonus will depend on the developments of the capital markets, the actual investment income and the future cost trend and risk experience. Therefore such information is not binding. 

The performance of €UR VIP depends on the performance of the mutual fund backing it. MEDLIFE has no impact on the performance of the fund, which may both gain or lose in value, and whose value may even be affected by fluctuations of the exchange rates. Return rates of the past do not automatically give an indication of future developments. Our detailed fund newsletter, which is updated once a month, can be downloaded from our website or required from MEDLIFE directly.

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