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€UR-VIP Single Premium

Your single premium in EUR is invested into to a highly profitable international mixed fund.

€UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM is a single premium rate, which like our product €UR-VIP combines the advantages of conventional life insurance with the chance of getting higher yields by investing in a mutual fund. In our case, this is the mixed fund VALUE INVESTMENT FUND, managed by our captive company SECURITY KAG. Other than in the case of €UR-VIP, €UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM requires a single premium payment at the beginning of the contract period. This enables our experts to invest the entire capital at once and thus achieve higher returns.

€UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM is the ideal way of investing available capital, if your aim is to achieve high yields and at the same time enjoy insurance protection as a way of future provision. €UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM combines the chance of gaining the high profits of a professionally managed portfolio with the opportunity to provide for your relatives, children or any other beneficiary, as the invested amount (single premium) is at the same time the guaranteed minimum amount paid in case the insured person dies during the policy term. 

If the insured person survives up to the end of the policy term, the actually available capital is payable at expiry of the contract.

The advantages of €UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM
Financial security for everyone

A €UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM insurance contract can be concluded for any person between 18 and 65 who is in good health. The age at expiry of the contract may not exceed 75 years. 

Financial security

Insurance protection
In the case of survival, at expiry of the contract the available assets are payable. If the insured person dies during the policy term, and at this time the value of the fund falls below the sum insured in the case of death, the entire amount insured in the case of death, that is 100 % of the paid premium, will be returned. If the value of the fund at the time the insured event occurs exceeds the amount insured, the actually available assets plus 5 % of the death benefit are payable.

Duration of the insurance policy
The minimum policy term constitutes 10 years.

Amount of the insurance premium
You can choose a single premium between EUR 3.000 and EUR 100.000.


Example - Unit Linked Life Insurance - rate €UR-VIP SINGLE PREMIUM

Man/Woman, aged 30 years – single premium EUR 30.000,00 - term 15 years, amount insured, EUR 30.000,00, death benefit sum EUR 30.000,00


Years past

Surrender value* in EUR with
a supposed performance** of

Mortality charge
per year in EUR






2 years





5 years





8 years





10 years





12** years





15** years








*) Figures referring to future profit shares are the result of calculations made on the basis of present circumstances. The actual amount of the profit sharing bonus will depend on the developments of the capital markets, the actual investment income and the future cost trend and risk experience. Therefore such information is not binding. 

The performance of €UR-VIP depends on the performance of the mutual fund backing it. MEDLIFE has no impact on the performance of the fund, which may both gain or lose in value, and whose value may even be affected by fluctuations of the exchange rates. Return rates of the past do not automatically give an indication of future developments. Our detailed fund newsletter, which is updated once a month, can be downloaded from our website or required from MEDLIFE directly.