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Flexible Future Plan (FFP)

Financial support for the future with a flexible payment system.

This rate is an endowment insurance with benefit payment in case of death and in case of survival with annual premium payment.

Financial support for the future with a flexible payment system

FFP is traditional endowment insurance to protect your future and that of your loved one with option for payout. In case of survival the latest valid insurance sum after last payout will be paid, together with profit participation. In case of death the paid premium plus profit participation is paid, diminished by probable previously made payouts.
This product is ideal for those, who wants to take care of their financial future, securely accumulating and preserving the capital without worrying about possible temporary financial difficulties in the future.

Terms of payouts:
The first withdrawal of the amount of insurance premiums is possible after expiry of 5 paid contract years, and the next one is possible at the earliest after 3 more contract years. Thus, the agreement concluded for 15 years, offers a maximum of three opportunities to take advantage of the option of payouts. The size of those payouts is  2.5 times the annual premium as a maximum.


Term of contract in years

First  payout after contract year

Second  payout after contract year

Third  payout after contract year


This option is not mandatory. The client can use this option if necessary, for example, in case of temporary financial hardship or illness. In this case, a guarantee of the amount in the event of survival and case of death reduces, bonus participation remains unchanged.

V: 1.1.2021

Flexible Future Plan (FFP)

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