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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in case of a death-causing event?

If an insured event occurs, please send an e-mail to You need to send the following documents:
- a copy of the death certificate;
- a copy of the medical certificate indicating the diagnosis


What to do in case of a permanent disability-causing event?

If an insured event occurs, please send an e-mail to  You need to send the following documents:
- a medical certificate with the diagnosis;
- accident description

What are the terms of the insurance payment in case of an insured event?

If all necessary documents are provided, the insurance payment is made within a few days.


What do you do if you lose your insurance policy?

If you lose your insurance policy, do not worry, your insurance cover is still valid. Send a request for a duplicate policy to with a color copy of your passport.  


What to do if you cannot pay the insurance premium on time?

If for any reason you cannot make your payment on time, please send us an e-mail at with information that it will be made later. The insurance cover remains absolutely valid. The payment of the insurance premium can be made not later than 6 months. Application must reach Medlife within 1,5 months from due-date of premium.


Can I get a policy loan?

Medlife offers its customers the opportunity to get a policy loan with full insurance coverage. You can find more information in the section "Policy Loan".


How is insurance benefit paid at the end of the contract?

Medlife sends a formal notification with a form to the customer's home address 3 months before the end of the policy where you should specify your bank account details.  The following documents must be attached to this form:
- color copy of your passport;
- a color copy of the first two pages of your insurance policy;
- bank account details


How are Medlife contracts reinsured?

Every Medlife contract is reinsured solely and directly through Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG on the basis of a reinsurance contract.


Which legal regulations do apply for Medlife?

Contracts concluded between Medlife and its clients are subject to Austrian law which extensively protects the rights of Medlife's clients due to the very strict rules and regulations of the Insurance Contract Act and the Consumer Protection Act.
Medlife as an insurance company is subject to the laws of Cyprus which, for historical reasons, are almost identical to British law.


How can a client transfer money to Medlife?

You can pay either via credit card or bank transfer.

Attention! If the transfer amount is 50,000 USD/EUR or more, please contact your Save-Invest consultant or Medlife at


1) For payment via credit card:
 Instructions and form to fill in please find here


2) For bank transfer:

If you transmit your premium, please consider the bank charges that will be deducted.


For policies in USD:

If you have a policy in USD, please pay your premium in USD on to our USD-accounts.


Sparkassenplatz 1, A-8230 Hartberg, Austria

Bank Code: 20.815



USD-First premium account no. 9907-223920  (IBAN: AT 88 20815 09907223920)

USD-Renewal premium account no. 9907-223938 (IBAN: AT 87 20815 09907223938)

IMPORTANT: For USD-transfer use the correspondence bank WELLS FARGO/New York, SWIFT/BIC: PNBPUS3NNYC (Corr-acct. no: 200019-3002874)


Please always state the policy-number(s) and the policyholder(s) as a reason of payment!


For policies in EUR:


If you have a policy in EUR, please pay your premium in EUR on to our EUR-accounts.

EUR-First premium account no. 18200-203703 (IBAN: AT 56 20815 18200203703)

EUR-Renewal premium account no. 18200-203711 (IBAN: AT 34 20815 18200203711)

IMPORTANT: For EUR-transfer use the correspondence bank DEUTSCHE BANK/Frankfurt, SWIFT/BIC: DEUTDEFF (Corr-acct. no: 100 940602600)

Please always state the policy-number(s) and the policyholder(s) as a reason of payment!

A mixture of currencies would